Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home Office Make-Over

View of owners cubicle-area "before" the make-over.
Tilt your head to the left...still haven't figured-out how to turn a blog photo. The "new" cubicle area after the make-over.

The wall phrase above client chair.

Make-up/work-area pre-make-over.


Entrance to the room "before."


Just under a year ago Terry and I met a sweet family while our kids (Malakai and Jaedon) were playing basketball on opposing teams. The boys had a great time running the court and we exchanged introductions and had some playdates. Recently, Rachel, Jaedon's Mom posted a status update on FB looking for someone to help her with her home office, where she applies make-up on women for special events and weddings. I jumped at the opportunity to help Rachel with her space and we exchanged a few emails prior to me visiting her home. She gave me an idea of the budget and we discussed a plan and something to use as inspiration to set the mood for the space. After Rachel showed me the curtains she "fell in-love with" I suggested choosing an accent color and off I ran with the inspiration. Rachel chose a damask off-white and black patterned curtain, pink as the accent color and a soft beigy brown color for her walls - which compliments the carpets, woodwork, and furniture. She told me she wanted something where her clients could relax and feel "at-ease" on their "big day." I chose some decorative items (w/a budget in-mind)and accessories to highlight the romantic idea of a wedding day and other special occasions, along with candles and sophisticated touches to create a spa-like environment. The painting took one day and the actual decorating just a 1/2 day. Much of the work was removing everything from the room so I could paint and reposition furniture, then decorate. Thank goodness Rachel and her husband took care of removing everything and repositioning the large pieces at my request. I had such a great time letting my creative juices flow and making-over this home office. I believe it achieved just the right amount of elegance and sophistication for it's purpose. Enjoy.

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