Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hiding cords...Trick? Leafy green garland.

I love to bring the outdoors in. So when I decided to put a fountain in my family room I had to figure-out a way to "hide" the big, thick-black cord that would run across the cove over to the outlet. I have done this in other rooms to hide computer cords and XBOX/Tivo/Cable cords as well. Once you run the cord from it's source to the outlet...gently glide a bit of leafy garland over top or in front of the cord. For the holidays I add a touch of orange-berry garland. I have also simply placed plants strategically in areas to cover-up all those unsightly cords.

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Joy said...

That is a very clever idea for hiding cords! Thanks for popping in at my blog and suggesting it. I actually ended up buying one fairly larger pillow to hide my cords and I need to update the photo in my post. But I'll be keeping my eye out for some greenery to change it up in the future. :o)