Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick? Aren't artistic or don't want to paint? pre-pasted murals!

We recently painted our second bathroom on the top floor and changed the theme from frogs to Monkeys for the kids. I wanted to do something creative on the walls but honestly I don't have the time or the exact "know-how" of how to paint a mural. I started searching online and eventually arrived on ebay. I found this awesome Monkey mural where the pieces all come separate...a branch, 12 leaves, and 4 monkeys. You can place it on your wall however you'd like and use as much or as little pieces as you'd like. It looks hand-painted and is not supose to do any harm to your walls. It did go on like a wall-boarder though...not sure what it will do if I ever need to get it off. None the less, it's SUPER CUTE!

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