Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Decorating Ideas for the Holidays...

Start by removing all of your current decor and accessories(including your wall hangings). Replace focal pieces with other holiday-themed decorative pieces that are equally impressive (like the twinkling snowflake above the fireplace). Turn your home into a "Winter Wonderland" by using angel hair or other different types of faux snow on most of your table-top, countertop, shelving holiday accessories.

Replace your current decorative candles with holiday-themed candles. I first sprinkled some paper-"snow" at the bottom and then placed the candle on top.

In the photo below I removed the leaf, draped the decorative table cloth and then placed the leaf on top of the table to add more decor at a higher level. I placed garland and lights around the leaf and filled the top with candles and other holiday decorations. The lower portion of the table will be used for platters when hosting a Christmas party.

Great activity for kids and a way to include them in the decorating process? Have your children make paper snowflakes. Then, watch them come to life as you place them on your windows and spray liquid snow around them. Carefully peel the snowflakes from your window and...voila, it's snowing.

Buy some white ribbon and snowflakes (you can find these anywhere that sells tree ornaments). At various levels hang the snowflakes over a kitchen island or eating area. You can also do this from a chandelier. I found this awesome bulb-ornament at Target for $4! LOVE IT!
This is the beginning...I'm not done yet! I still have some decor to fish-out of my garage and add to places here and there...I haven't started much on my formal living room and I still have to get the tree up and decorated. Hopefully I've inspired you to start thinking about your holiday decorating!

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