Friday, November 6, 2009

Wall Ribbon...

While recently decorating a home office- I came across a situation, I didn't know what to do to balance the room because once I had all the furniture in place, I found that there was still a huge absense between the 8X10 photo frames up to the ceilings (which were 12ft high). The wall just seemed, well, naked (even with the photos). I remembered something I saw online that looked really cool and I thought, "maybe I can do something similar?" So I stopped-off at the fabric store, I found some affordable printed-fabric and some nice ribbon to go with my color scheme in the office. I brought my glue gun with me and since I was short on time and not much of a sewer (yet), I used my glue gun to finish edges. I created a thick ribbon (made from the fabric) and accented it with actual ribbon down the center as it hangs from the ceiling down to the photo frame. This gives the appearance that the frames are hanging from the "ribbon."

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