Friday, November 6, 2009

Window Treatments "for Dummies"...

I am MOST definately NOT going to claim that I am an expert with window treatments. Infact, I would probably guess that window treatments are the least of my decorating gifts. However, I have found that by simply "playing" with what you've got, sometimes it can appear as though you DO know what you're doing. One of my favorite things to do is "revamp" things that I already have in the house. As I sifted through some of my staging items I came across a bin with some old creamy-buttery sheers that I had used in our last home. I must have boxed them away for storage, staging, or even to give to the Goodwill. Anyhow, I threw them in the washer and decided to try and use them. Problem was, they were long and my room-darkening curtains were shorter, I didn't know how this would look together. I played with a few ideas and the above is what I came-up with. I used a hair-tie to bring two sheers together in the middle of the window and looped the bottom through (much like making a pony-tail with your own hair). Then I left a little "bubble" or "bun," if you will, as to not let the sheers hang on the floor. To bring-in the brown from the curtains I tied some leftover ribbon around the center as a nice accent...and, vwwwwwa-la!
My son has some very basic panels hanging in his room. Recently I started getting into little projects that required ribbon. While I was at the store I came across this cute baseball ribbon and immediately thought of my son's room. I bought a small amount and used it to accent his curtains and make them a little more trendy. Stylish, but still boyish too!

Before I had this set-up, I ONLY had the two soft-aquah colored sheers hanging from each side of the window. I found my brown micro-fiber curtains stored-away and again, thought, what can I do with these? I started to play with these in my family room and I LOVE the way it really warmed-up the space. I brought the sheers together again in the center and I used a napkin right to hold it.

Once again, in this space I only had the sheer-scarf that hangs along the top of the window and down on both sides. It looked nice but the added micro-fiber curtains added texture and warmth to the room. I love microfiber! It is very practical and cleans easy!

I am not a big spender when it comes to decor and I'll tell you why...I like to be on-trend and I know how quickly things go out-of-style. Therefore, i don't want to go and spend mucho dollars on something I'm not going to like in a year or two. I also know that one can take inexpensive items, suchas, sheers and curtain panels and make them look trendy and stylish without having to break the bank. So, my suggestion is to get a fabric that you like, that is affordable, and "play" with it until you come-up with something you are comfortable with! Much of what I do was not planned, I just happened to find something I liked and then got home and figured-out what to do with it! Happy decorating!

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